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Biljana Spiric Hypnotherapist - Hipnoterapeut

Passionate About Inspiring Others

    I began this journey years ago mainly to help myself gain a better

understanding of the unpredictable and marvellous experience we

call"life". Having achieved my goal also in the form of academic success

I gladly devoted myself to helping other people, as I found that we are all

struggling the same.

    Throughout my career I have worked with people from all spheres of life. I trained psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, managers, consultants, CEO's and PHD's in NLP and Hypnotherapy and also work with clients and students on a daily basis. I have seen first-hand how quickly and easily people can change and how NLP combined with Neuroscience and Neuropsychology have turned people into powerful negotiators and communicators; giving them the opportunities and prestige they have always wanted. Whether the opportunities in question were personal as finding a partner or professional as getting a promotion or "that job" they've always wanted.

    Once you understand how the brain works, you realise that in order for you to create or manifest change, you must learn how to use your emotions and stop being used by them. Why emotions? Because your emotional state influences your perception, and your perception shapes what you believe. We attract things or people into our life based on how we feel about ourselves, life or any other particular thing.

    In time of great changes, people often find themselves feeling uneasy, restless, anxious, maybe even lost; changes are usually followed by a feeling of uncertainty as many of them might not turn to your favour. Although you might not be able to fight the natural passing of time and the changes it brings, you do have a choice:

You can wait until the odds are in your favour, or you can be one of the great changes.

Certifications and Qualifications 

I hold diplomas in Neuropsychology and Jungian therapy, while also being a certified Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Hypnotist, a Master Hypnotherapy Trainer and NLP Master/Trainer; General Associate of the International Chiefs of Police Association and a standing member of the American Union and International Hypnosis Association. 

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